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 If you could take a pill
to cure your Alcoholism,
Would you Take it?
Believe it or Not?
That Pill exists today.
It is called Naltrexone.
It was approved by the FDA in 1994
For the Treatment of Alcohol Dependence.
(In combination with supportive psychotherapy).
The Treatment is called "The Sinclair Method"  ( TSM )
It has been used in Finland for over 18 years.
It has helped an estimated
70,000 people recover
from Alcoholism.
The Sinclair Method has a 78% Success Rate
compared to current rehab success rates 
of 10-15%.
Drink Your Way Sober
The Sinclair Method to Curb Your Alcohol Cravings.
No Detox. No Withdrawal. No Abstinence.
YOU can finally control your own drinking.
Medically Proven Technique.
Now Available in our Michigan location.
Diane A. Culik MD

"The Sinclair Method" or TSM is a

medically proven way to curb your cravings for excess or uncontrolled alcohol use.


David Sinclair PhD spent 30 years doing research on alcohol addiction and discovered a revolutionary concept called The Alcohol Deprivation Effect.  When an Alcoholic is deprived of alcohol, (which is the Hallmark of the Abstinence Model), the cravings for alcohol actually Increase rather than Decrease. This explains why the Abstinence Model is so ineffective. It does not lessen the cravings, it increases the cravings.


Dr. Sinclair worked with easily addicted rats and found that the prescription medication Naltrexone would, over time, decrease the rat's cravings for alcohol when given one hour before each alcohol exposure.


Later studies confirmed in human subjects, that this same technique also worked to block cravings with an 80% success rate, when the Naltrexone was taken one hour before drinking.



The Sinclair Method prevents the uncontrolled cravings that otherwise have led to recurrent relapses and repeated need for expensive inpatient treatment and therapy, and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.


None of this is necessary with using Naltrexone and The Sinclair Method to Curb Cravings for Alcohol and this technique has also has been used in cocaine and sugar cravings.


The Sinclair Method has been used in Finland for over 18 years and has helped an estimated 70,000 people recover from alcoholism.


The "Curb-Cravings" protocol of Drs. Culik and Fischer follows the program as developed by Dr. Sinclair and as discussed in the book by Roy Eskapa PhD titled The Cure for Alcoholism: The Medically Proven Way to Eliminate Alcohol Addiction.


With the "Curb-Cravings" protocol, you drink as you normally do, but because of using the Sinclair Method and Naltrexone, your cravings slowly decrease, so your drinking also decreases---gradually and safely.


The Program begins with an initial evaluation of the patient including a Medical History and Exam and a Psychological evaluation and Psychiatric History.  We include basic laboratory testing to include nutrients and minerals critical for physical and emotional health.


The Protocol requires an informed consent to be signed by the patient. Many Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs are at best 15% effective at one year. The Sinclair Method is Not 100% effective, but the studies show an average of 80% of people having control of their alcohol use at 1 year.This is a dramatic improvement over any other prior therapy for Alcohol Use Disorder.


Patients are allowed to continue to drink but ONLY when the Naltrexone pill is taken 60 minutes before the first drink of the day. This interrupts and lessens the cravings for alcohol that have led the patient to uncontrollable urges and excessive use. 


The Sinclair Method is described in the movie "One Little Pill" and explains the history and benefits of using prescription strength Naltrexone before drinking to gradually reset and reduce cravings and subsequent use of alcohol.  Claudia Christian is a TV and movie actress who discusses her struggle with Alcohol Use Disorder and how many years and dollars doing other programs led to repeated failure, until she used The Sinclair Method.


Learn more about Claudia Christian's CThree Foundation and the Sinclair Method at



No Longer Fear Social Settings.


You can control when and how much you drink.


Just use your Naltrexone medication 

60 minutes before your first

drink of the day.


Drink Your Way Sober


Without Willpower


Without Abstinence


Without Discomfort

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Diane A. Culik MD

Grand Rapids, Michigan





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Diane A. Culik MD



The Look, Sound, Smell and Taste of Alcohol

can trigger reflexive cravings just like Pavlov's dogs

were triggered to salivate by a bell before food.

The chemical and endorphin release that triggers craving can also be decreased over time so that within weeks and months of taking Naltrexone any day at 60 minutes before drinking alcohol, the urges and cravings decrease and people can reduce or stop drinking gradually.


Finnish studies by Dr. David Sinclair show the program is 78% effective in blocking alcohol cravings. Further studies have confirmed the same range of results.


Most current Rehab Programs for Alcohol show 10-15% success rates.


90% of people receiving "traditional" treatment are expected to relapse in 4 years or less. Yet, 80% of treatment/rehab centes offer the same failing "traditional" treatment.


The U.S. FDA approved Naltrexone in 1994 for the treatent pf Alcohol Dependence (in combination with supportive psychotherapy).


People can regain control and actually be a social drinker if they choose.


Cravings and obsessive use are eliminated.


Receptor upregulation of opiod binding sites occurs when taking Naltrexone before drinking. This triggers decreased desire and cravings for alcohol.


"It weakens the circuitry wiring the addiction in the brain."


"The more people drink ON Naltrexone, the less they will want to drink."


"Naltrexone + Drinking = Cure"


"50 Million People in North America and Europe are trapped in the vise of alcohol and other addictions."


"Naltrexone is used by less than 2% of the problem drinkers in the US."


"Eliminates the agony of forced and often dangerous withdrawal."



Quotes are from The Cure for Alcoholism: The Medically Proven Way to Eliminate Alcohol Addiction   by Roy Eskapa PhD



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